Google’s free font library, Google Fonts (, has over 950 font families at the time of this article. These professional fonts are available for use, and Finalweb makes it easier than ever to incorporate these fonts into your website – no download required.

Google Fonts in Finalweb 2.0

We have a video tutorial available on Google fonts as well.


  1. First, select the font or fonts you would like to use on your website from For this example, I will be using two fonts: Gayathri and Hepta Slab.
    Gayathri Google FontHepta Slab Google Font
  2. Next, click “Site Settings” on the left panel of your editor and navigate to the Layout Settings tab. In the text box, enter the names of your fonts, each one on a new line.
    Google Font Settings
  3. After you click “Save Changes”, the page will refresh, and you can use your fonts. Highlight the text you want to change and select one of your new fonts. It is possible that the font family will not appear to be working at first, and you will need to refresh the page. This happens because Finalweb will only download the fonts that are being used on your page, so that your load time won’t increase with fonts that aren’t being used on the page.
    Finalweb Google Fonts
  4. You’ve added Google fonts to your website! We recommend not using more than one or two fonts, to keep a consistent theme across your website and so that your visitors will not need to download several font families whenever they visit a page, as this will increase their load times.
    Finalweb Google Fonts Example


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